It was dead when we purchased it. A yellow post it note stated: “Needs new fill valve”. It looked like it was at least 30 years old, if not original to the boat. And, Hatteras beautifully built it in with mahogany panel and trim. Getting to the back was a major operation. So, going through all that I decided replacing it was almost as much work and we’d have a fresh machine. Also, I decided to go to a combo unit which would free up some major space above for much needed storage.

From the forum I knew that it would not fit through any of the openings to get it to the dock, other than the forward hatch. (After removing some trim in some cases.) This of course required either 4 people or some mechanical lifting be it a crane/travel lift or a gantry setup on deck. As part of the winterization process I needed to run “pink” through the supply lines, so I had to get to the hoses in the back of the washer. When I found the little access panel that gave me a sort of peek into the world behind the unit I decided I might as well take it out now.

So, a lot of screws and careful demolition later the front trim was off and I could start inching it out of the hole.

Finally got it out and turned 90º. To get a decent grip I had to be forward of it and then couldn’t get past it so had to “escape” through the forward hatch. Like the fridge/dish washer the plan was to make little pieces I could easily carry out the door and to a dumpster.

So there we were with an empty closet. That is a LOT of space. going to do everything I can to optimize that!