The Motors

Two twin turbo Detroit Diesels, 8V71 with Allison “gears”, introduced in the late 50’s (originally sans turbos). 100% mechanical two stroke engines. Rebuilt ten or so years ago, 900 hours since. Should have a lot of life left in them. Although I have been “wrenching” for half a century this was a whole new challenge. Theses are large motors, close to two tons with transmissions and all the accessories on them. Two weeks into our ownership I am able to identify most of the parts pieces and can perform simple before departure checks. I’ve read a LOT about them, watched a ton of Youtube vids and I have all the books but that’s not the same as getting your hands on them with tools in hand. I am not going to even attempt to make this a “how to” in any way shape or form. All I am going to do is chronicle my adventures in the engine rooms. Mostly for entertainment, and maybe someone can learn from my mistakes along the way as experience is a cruel teacher. It gives the test first and then the lesson.

Diesels are pretty robust machines and it takes a lot to kill them, but there’s a few things they don’t like to go without. Clean air and plenty of it, clean fuel, clean oil at the appropriate pressure and they don’t like to overheat.

And they are a little messy. Trying to keep the bilge under them clean is something that needs constant attention and it’s not the easiest place to get to. So I found these:

They sit perfectly on each side of the bilge connector tube that’s glassed in under the engine. they just about the perfect length and firm enough to push in from one side.