Salon Cabinets

Technically decorating I guess, but it was a pretty big project so I gave it a separate page.

I the seating area of the salon is one cabinet, basically a nice box, that holds the aft AC and the sound system. Across, the couch has the long cabinet on the forward end, but nothing aft. And there was space. So I decided to build a cabinet to match the SB one. The latter to get the same color laminate top as the new one to tie it all together. I also built a cabinet for in between the two chairs to house (and hide) the TV and an electric fireplace/space heater. I am not a master cabinet maker by any stretch of the imagination, nor do I have the tools to fabricate to low tolerances, but with what I have I am pretty happy with the result. All trim was made from stock.

Plywood and ash box. Long open side will go up against the wall. Front opening gets a teak (Sapele) frame and door.

Glueing up the front frame.

Some weight to press the glue on the laminate top. Then trimmed down with router and trim bit.

Edge trim milled from stock. Multiple passes through the table saw and router to create a rabbit and three rounded edges.

Finish is boiled linseed oil with a splash of Minwax Cherry oil based stain. Filler for gaps is Sapele saw dust mixed into clear Gorilla glue. Works VERY well as it doesn’t seem to stain the wood to where you can see it when the oil goes on. The side is plain Birch and not too pretty. Somehow has a line where it took the stain differently. But it’s set up so a piece of Afromosia veneered 1/4″ can go on the side inside the trim. I won’t know if I have enough until I make the TV cabinet. I can always do it at a later date. I think the couch will cover it for now, I can always put a temporary smaller leftover piece on the front end of it if it is in fact exposed.

Door is a sandwich of 1/4″ Afromosia veneered plywood, 3/8″ plywood in the center and a 1/8″ layer of Luan on the inside. Close enough to 3/4″ to work with the hinges. Trim on the door is, again, milled from stock.

Finished product.

OEM latch installed and the piece in place. The only screwup (not pictured 😉 ) is that the side wall is not square to the back wall…..(as the boat increases in beam going forward the side deck stays the same and the cabin gets wider. I missed that.) So some more trim is in order. I needed to put a quarter round along the back edge anyways to match the SB side. The forward (Birch) side of the cabinet is 99% covered (sufficiently for now) by the couch so if I have enough Afromosia after the TV stand I’ll do the side, but it’s not a sore thumb issue. If I didn’t mention it, the SB side will get the same laminate on the top to match. I’m pretty pleased with this, and more importantly so is the Admiral, and I am proceeding with the TV cabinet with confidence.