The rebuild of Lady Kay will be a “resto mod”. 1982 was not a mind blowing year in boat/car design. One only has to look at Chrysler’s “top of the line” Dodge 600 to know what I mean. A face only a mother could love. Plus, there were a LOT of Starcraft built so I don’t think there’s a lot of historical value here. Now, I do think the hull shape does have a certain timeless beauty to it. There’s a Grand Banks fishing dory in there somewhere, both in functionality and in looks. Although I’ve never been on the water in it, I suspect the deep V will have reasonably pleasant sea keeping characteristics. This was the major draw for me to this boat. So, all in all there will be a nod to the past, but it is NOT going to be a perfectly period restoration. In fact, there will be a lot of modification.

Day XX……

Last we saw on the before page was the bare aluminum hull with engine removed.