Listing to Port….

Yes, it’s a big heavy boat but that doesn’t mean “stuff” doesn’t affect it. So she was leaning to port a little. About 1-1/2º which doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s quite noticeable. Started when we pumped out the waste tanks… Now five tanks: fuel, water and one waste are on centerline. One waste tank is not. So that’s 60×8=almost 500 pounds on the starboard side. So when that emptied…. up she went. May have been doing it a little before but we never noticed it. So digging around I find that there already is quite a bit of lead on the starboard side, under the drawers in the master stateroom. So apparently this is not new. So I decided to 1: Let the off center holding tank fill up and see exactly where we’re at. 2 Add lead to go over to starboard a little at that point, so as to be a little to port when it empties. Lead is expensive. In ingot/pig form it’s $1,50 a pound and up. But, I found a nice 600 pound barrel full of miscellaneous at a scrap yard for $.80/pound. Smelting time:

Pretty little “loaves” of lead. 8-20 pounds. So I put them in and it helps…. Plus now the waste tank is filling so she’s almost level. Gonna add a heavy power cord and monitor….

So there’s a number of places where you can “measure”. The wands on the blinds on the back door is one of them. Or you can look at the exhausts…..

So I added 50 pounds under the mid head cabinets, and the SB waste tank is now about half full: