Lady Kay V

UPDATE……Life is what happens when you make plans. The short version is that giving this ol’ girl the care and feeding it deserves is more than I can fit into my life right now, due to other things that REALLY need to get done. So, it appears the new stewards have been identified and she is “under contract”. There are a few minor details to take care of, including some work to the steering system. But here’s the story:

For five years we looked at “boat porn” on Yachtworld. 45-55 feet. Something with two, three cabins. Classic looks, not the modern “creations”. There was a budget much lower than that size seemed to dictate. So we looked at older boats. Burger, Chris Craft, DeFever, Viking, others. And we kept coming back to Hatteras. Jack Hargrave designed some mighty pretty boats. And the brand has a fascinating history. In it’s day they were top of the line….. And, the fact that they will run at a nice turn of speed when you’re willing to burn some fuel made up for losing (in retirement) the thrill of taking a 250 ton airplane into the sky…..

Pretty boats, very well built. And, in comparison cheap. Of course there’s reasons for that. They are old, they need constant maintenance. If you can’t do that yourself you better have deep pockets. Not unlike an old car or house. The Detroit Diesels are loved or hated. I love them. Mechanical engines that can be worked on without computers and proprietary software. There were a lot of them made, there’s a lot still floating around, and there is a large enthusiast community. Plenty of knowledge which is priceless. And, last but not least, SAMs Marine is a company that still has 99% of the parts for these boats. (Interesting story there too) and they have an owners forum where I learned a metric ton of stuff about these boats.

So we looked at a few and then, while doing something else, I was going to drive by one for sale in Chestertown MD and decided to take a “quick look”. And there she was:

She was a very nice boat, owned for 20 years by a couple that took very good care of her. 900 hours on rebuilt engines. Fresh electronics and not too tired genny. Good paint, and all of the systems in working order. A 10′ Avon RIB with motor on a trailer. I didn’t even argue and offered the asking price which was more than reasonable. After a successful survey we did the paperwork and renamed her Lady Kay V….

Follow the submenus above for more specific Hatt tales……some “general subjects and pics” below.

Name boards redone…….

Spent three hours and got a nice sun burn sitting on the swim platform with a hair dryer and plastic razor blades to get the old name off….Ordered the new name from Boat US Boat Names….. good stuff.

The wheel. Standard is a stainless 6 spoke 28″ wheel. Looks ok…..

But a 35-1/2″ teak rimmed wheel is just SO much sexier…..

And a couple of nice helm chairs….. You find these if you search for “pool furniture” as in pool table….

Waiting for the bridge in the Narrows…..