The fridge was dead, and dealt with right away. The dinette was OK. Curtains, again, nice but not our thing. They will go soon.

After the fridge the improvements we made were: Lighting, flooring, DW (same destination as the fridge) and the 4 burner cooktop.

Lighting. The goofy little light went away and was replaced with 3 LED strips on a dimmer.

Eventually we’d like to install actual teak and holly flooring, for right now we freshened it up with some new vinyl, right over the top. Sort of reminiscent of the parquet flooring you see in the 70’s Taiwan boats… Cheap, fast and effective. We don’t need a dishwasher. There’s two of us and the space can be put to better use. I plan on fabricating a door for the opening to match the rest of the cabinets.

I don’t need a 4 burner cook top, I am not cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people. (Yes, I am the cook in the house). What I need more, like I have at home and in the motorhome is a culinary “workbench”. Cutting board and a hole into the garbage. To cook on a two burner induction cook top. So, off to the “exotic lumber” place to purchase a few Sapele boards which is a mahogany substitute. Similar in color and texture for a lot less $$.