Decorating (under construction)

It says something about the condition of the boat at purchase that decorating is at the top of the list… Don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of technical stuff to get my head around and do as it is a fairly complex vessel and maintenance never stops, but nothing is so urgent that Lady Kay (the human one, my lovely bride) can’t have fun decorating the place. She’s been looking forward to it for years…….

1: The Salon.

The Afromosia is gorgeous. We are not touching it. The cabinet case in the middle of the room initially seemed odd. But having that storage at the helm for sundry equipment is handy. The furniture and curtains were very good quality, just not our thing. The carpet a wee bit tired. We installed new wood-looking blinds (the real thing at some point in the future) and new off white curtains.


Original plan was also to use cutoffs from the curtains (we’re buying off the shelf 60″ curtains) to redo the cornice. Just for giggles I started peeling back the layers (4 it turned out) and found gorgeous original finished mahogany. The fabric layers were stapled but thankfully 99% of the staples were on the back…. 500,000 of them. HOURS and HOURS I spent puling them out. But it was worth it…..

With the new blinds….

The furniture was, again, not our thing. Fortunately it fit through the center opening on the back deck and with a few stout gents on the swim platform out it went. We replaced it with furniture from a company called Recpro. Comes in all kinds of configurations and 4 colors. They cater to the RV industry and RV doors are even smaller than the Hatt doors, so it’s all designed to fit through a 22″ door! Snap together and there we are. All of it reclines, the two center backs on the couch flip forward as tables…Quite comfortable.

2: Master Stateroom.

Again, quality but not our thing.