All the interior wood ie floors and stern are shot. Mush, oatmeal, worm food. It all has to come out. And then there’s the engine. OMC master piece V6 with the venerable WLOD (White leg of Doom, Despair, Death) bolted on to it. Not sure how deserved this reputation is, but no one seems to like them. And, no matter how well set up it is, it’s still a carbureted gas engine inside the boat which takes up a lot of space. And there’s the chance of BOOM! I don’t like gas in boats. And the outdrive is indeed notorious for it’s mechanical neediness. Not to mention the prices of parts from a company that went out of business in 2004…… No there’s a nice pod and modern outboard(s) in the future. But first this setup has to go. Once we’re down to aluminum the hull will be light enough to hoist off the stack and then the trailer can get a work over and THEN we can start rebuilding.

March 2020

Finally….I am getting to this. The engine/drive sold on eBay! Here it is coming out:

Which left me with this:

Which lightened things up considerably. Next step was to get all the rotted wood and systems out.

To be continued.